Designed and manufactured at our Shanghai location, TL Jones light curtains can be found in some of the most iconic buildings across Asia, Australasia and increasingly in other parts of the world.

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    Slot Sensor SS261

    The TL Jones optical slot sensor provides accurate lift leveling to millimeter precision which ensures the safety of passengers as they enter and exit the elevator.

  • M-SP-blue-gradient-1000

    M-Class (formerly Microscan)

    First launched over 6 years ago, the M-Series range from TL Jones was designed with quality and functionality in mind.

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    M-Class 2-in-1

    The M-Series 2-in-1 range of light curtains combines infrared technology with a traditional-style mechanical shoe. .

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    K-Class Light Curtain

    The K-Class from TL Jones offers a versatile range of elevator light curtains with up to 32 diodes, supporting up to 128 crisscross beams for maximum safety.

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    L-Class Light Curtain

    The latest addition to the TL Jones range of light curtains is the L-Class. The L-Class offers up to 32 diodes supporting up to 128 beams